Same-Day Crowns

Crowns are dental restorations that both seal and protect remaining tooth structure after removal of decay.  In our office, we offer Same-Day crown services.  Your crown appointment will start with a crown prep, where your tooth will have decay removed, and the remaining tooth structure will be shaped to best hold on to, or retain the crown.  You may need what is called a build up, which is a filling added to increase the height of the remaining tooth to achieve the best shape to retain the finished crown.  After your tooth is prepped, we will scan your tooth and surrounding teeth to make a digital impression.  After the scans are completed, you can remain in our comfortable office, or you can leave the office while we design and create your crown.  Your same-day crown is designed by our skilled staff, approved by Dr Tyberg,  milled in our E4D machine, then stained and glazed to look like a real tooth.  About an hour later, our office calls you back to fit the crown, adjustments are made, and when You and Dr Tyberg are satisfied with the fit, the crown is permanently cemented into place.  This process eliminates the need for traditional impressions, temporary crowns, and the time to have an external lab make the crown.


Scanning the prepped tooth (instead of taking traditional impression)


Designing the crown



Newly milled ceramic crown



Applying custom stain to make the same-day crown look like one of your natural teeth



Glazing for a natural looking finished product


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